Suncoast FYI, interview with Nancy O'Neil, December 9, 2016

Time Lapse Video, 2016 Atomic, by Sid Graves & Rick Peeples

12/1/14 guest spot for Atomic Holiday Bazaar on Suncoast View. Featuring Atomic vendors: Stitch of Whimsy, C.A.B. Fayre, Lather & Love and House Broken Clothing.

12/6/14 Atomic Holiday Bazaar time lapse video by Rick Peeples. The camera was set up on the balcony which filmed vendors setting up, finishing the video at the end of the day. Thank you Rick, I always wondered what this looked like!

12/13 SNN Channel 6, "Rien Lucas" yes, you may call me "Rien."

2013, What's Up With Kirsten 

12/11 Atomic Holiday Bazaar, sorry, I sound like I just swallowed a ton of helium. It is very noisy in the auditorium!